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Salvia Press promoted the Tastefully Small collection by Kim Hendrickson. Her series of delightful cook books brought (and still brings) the tasting menu revolution to your kitchen.

The new owner of this domain loves to cook and wants to continue sharing this information about the Tastefully Small Collection.
The content is from the site's 2010 - 2014 archived pages.

When it comes to good food, less is more. Since the first and last bites are always best, why bother with the rest? Besides, when you make it small, you can have it all. Pack enough flavor and excitement into one or two bites and you’ve got options: eat less and still be satisfied, have eight or more courses in one meal, or both: pick and choose from your own fancy buffet table, right at home.

This is the Tastefully Small™ collection, the series that brings the tasting menu revolution to your kitchen. Can’t decide which of two dishes to prepare? When each is bite-sized and easy to make, you can serve both! This unique series, covering all dishes “great and small,” is a feast for the eyes and a palette for the palate: everything the artful cook needs to satisfy the most discriminating diner, from the gourmand who’s seen it all to the finicky kid who won’t eat a thing.

Whether you want something for everyone or everything for that special someone, don’t put all your eggs in one benedict. Have it all with Tastefully Small™.


Tastefully Small Savory Bites, by Kim Hendrickson
Have you ever wanted to make super cute hors d' oeuvres but didn't know how?  You will feel quite empowered after perusing Tastefully Small Savory Bites.  With over 50 delicious recipes broken down into categories (meat, seafood, veggie, pastry...), you are sure to find something to please every palate.

"Whether the food prepared is big or small, I seem to prefer the beginnings and endings of meals.  The truth is, I love food, as an eating experience, as a creative medium, as the opportunity to teach, and as a source of comfort. 

This is the
Tastefully Small TM collection, the cookbooks that bring the tasting menu revolution to your kitchen....

...because sometimes smaller really IS better"

Kim Hendrickson, author Tastefully SmallTM


If you like food, then you will love Kim Hendrickson’s Tastefully Small Cookbooks!  These indispensible volumes bring the small food revolution straight to your doorstep with easy to follow instructions and mouthwatering recipes that turn any event from fun to fantastic. 

Whether you are a novice cook or a professsional chef, Tastefully Small cookbooks provide you with everything you need to impress even the most discerning foodie.  Classic hors d’oeurves, traditional tea sandwiches, and festive dessert canapés are just some of the exciting small bites you’ll find in these lavishly illustrated cookbooks, but you’ll also find something else; a commitment to excellence in food preparation that seamlessly blends Kim’s passion for creating an unforgettable event with fond memories of her childhood in a cooking experience that is as personal as it is delicious!  

The National Restaurant Association recently named small bites as one of the hot new trends in food, and for good reason. Small foods provide a wider range of taste experiences without the heaviness of a full meal, they are less expensive to shop for and easier to prepare.  The true test of bite sized food however, is providing family and friends with a unique tasting experience, so whether you need easy appetizers for a holiday potluck, or classic finger sandwiches for high tea, Tastefully Small Cookbooks has just what you are looking for.


An update:

Tastefully Small cookbooks gave me the confidence to cook. My boss is an SEO guru who I've been trying to get interested in cooking. TNG/Earthling's CEO Bob Sakayama just moved into a fabulously designed space with a full kitchen and provisioned perfectly by his gourmet cook wife, Lynne. He spends most of his day there, working on client projects but after a month in this great environment, the only thing he's cooked is eggs and some ramen. So I gave him a set of Tastefully Small cookbooks for Christmas and have my fingers crossed. Whenever I cook a treat for my team I get raves - Tastefully Small cookbooks have helped elevate me to stardom among my team mates. They can always count on me to bring something fantastic to eat. And I have found that I love cooking now as much as I do implementing code or creating custom apps!


Kim Hendrickson

Kim Hendrickson is author of the Tastefully Small™ cookbook series, winner of two Florida Publisher's Association gold medals. She has catered for the New York Metropolitan Opera, the Penguin Repertory Theatre, The Bizarre Food Show, and Slangman's World. She is a regular presenter at the World Tea Expo, John Campbell Folk School, and at culinary events throughout the New York area. Kim teaches that good food is more than good taste; it's the fun and joy of creating something beautiful and sharing it with others. She has catered for The Travel Channel’s Bizarre Food Show, the New York Metropolitan Opera, the Penguin Repertory Theater. And TV’s “Slangman”, David Burke.

Kim is so passionate about cooking, you can't help but take some of that passion home with you.

H. W.

I had a wonderful day today making pies. I have to say, for the first time in my life I went into it with confidence. They look beautiful. It was such a pleasant task and I was delighted with myself and the end product. Delicious! I also made the roasted cherry tart and it went well too. I think I am on a roll! I may need to plan a party soon. I have read my recipes two and three times... kind of like looking at postcards!

I am so happy with my new skills. I wish I had taken the class sooner. Tart pans looks so different to me now!


You said you're lucky if you get two good recipes out of a cookbook. I got at least two good recipes out of each day of this course!

F. Y.


If Kim has one abiding passion, it’s helping people find their inner chef.  From the importance of selecting the proper ingredients, to garnish and plating ideas, to shortcuts that can help reduce the stress of planning an event, the sole aim of Kim’s passion for food and teaching is to make sure its as much about the joy of creating something beautiful as it is sharing that food with others

If you would like Kim to teach a class near you, contact [email protected] for more information

"Kim's flair and attention to detail made all the difference"
                                                                      Paul Beck, Metropolitan Opera

Coming in 2010

Tastefully Small Scones & Sweet Breads

because good things come
in small packages

Cheesecake TrufflesSmoked Salmon Hearts, Jamaican Beef Turnovers, English-Style Potted Ham Shapes, and Tarragon Egg Boxes

Roast Rose Canapes, Irresistable Broccoli Souffles, Parsley Cheese Stars, Bacon Cream Rounds, Cheesy Polenta Stuffed Baby BellasTurkey Cranberry Relish Scoops



Tastefully Small Dessert Canapés: Bite-sized Sweets for Easy Entertaining

2009 Gold Medal winner
Florida Publishers Association

by Kim Hendrickson
$18.95, 128 pages, 50 recipes
75 color illustrations, 14 color photos
8½ x 8½ paperback with French flaps
ISBN 1-60138-267-2

More enticing than a mouthwatering, bite-sized dessert? A whole bunch to choose from! This one-of-a-kind book combines classic flavors with simple hors d’oeuvre techniques to fashion more than fifty seductive petite sweets, from Cranberry Pear Bruschetta and Tiramisu Napoleons to Cheesecake Truffles and Passionfruit Ganache Oysters (complete with white chocolate “pearls”). Each as beautiful as it is delicious, these small bites will satisfy the most discerning guest.

Gorgeous color photos and watercolor illustrations complement over fifty deceivingly simple recipes, each with its own distinctive presentation. Garnishing ideas and recipe variations give you a palette of creative options to choose from, while clear, step-by-step instructions and time-saving tips make the most complex constructions a breeze. Most dishes can be made in advance with quick assembly prior to serving, promising stress-free success.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Let Tastefully Small Dessert Canapés make your next cocktail party, tea, or dinner a memorable affair. Surprise your guests with not one great dessert but a plateful!



Impressively well-written, this potent idea generator not only takes the anxiety out of entertaining but inspires experimentation as well.
Steven Adams, Corporate Executive Chef, The Biltmore Estate, 1995-2003

This book will make you look as though you have been catering events all your life.
Bruce Richardson, author of The Great Tea Rooms of Britain, Tea in the City, and The New Tea Companion

"Absolutely gorgeous food... The good thing is their size: tiny doses of elegance at affordable prices, and you can eat one and not feel guilty at all."


Inspiring! What a delight for formal entertaining, themed parties, family celebrations, neighborhood get-togethers, or an impromptu tea party for a friend in need of a pick me up, even if that friend is just me on a gloomy day!


"Most people fantasize about romance or wealth. I fantasize about desserts, and Hendrickson's Tastefully Small Dessert Canapes is a desert lover's dream. The good thing is that these pictures and recipes can easliy become a reality..."


"These books are perfect for the way that we are trying to eat now. At our age, we just can't pound down the quantity we used to and maintain any kind of normal weight!"


"I love variety... so this is the perfect book for me. I love the ideas on how to modify recipes for endless interesting possibilities, encouraging creativity."


"Truly charming book that feeds the eye and stomach from one creative platter. The author's experience... comes through with graciousness, gentle humor, and simply stunning recipes... A treasure trove!"


"Deliciously simple yet elegant... The book also has a lovely design, not intrusive but still noticeable and quite stylish."


"This is not your average `cookbook!' This book uses every imaginable ingredient. You can tell that the author put her love and devotion into each page. A genuinely amazing book of little treasures..."


"beautifully done, with sumptuous pictures, a fabulous hostess gift..."


"I don't know which is better, the artful photos and layout or the recipes that are so meticulously presented. Kim Hendrickson's Tastefully Small Finger Sandwiches is that rare combination of a cookbook whose pictures you want to drool over and a serious recipe trove you want to actually use. I don't think there are any other books out there that offer such a wide assortment of savory goodies suitable for a grand tea or luncheon."



"The color illustrations are a big help with getting the visual presentation right. With flair and imagination, this book proves that less is more!"

W. J.

"Knife-cut and cutout sandwiches are where many books leave off, but Hendrikson also handles rolled, pressed, open faced, stacked, sweet and kid-friendly sandwiches. She is very specific about which tools are needed for each task, and I found the directions extremely easy to follow. Kim Hendrickson's Finger Sandwiches ought to be the last word in tea-time treats, but I suspect it is only a continuing chapter."


“These books are so visually stimulating and colorful. Every recipe looks scrumptious. I cannot wait to try them."


“The pulled pork scones were a huge hit: my husband said 'honey, you can make this any time!!' Thanks for one of many great recipes."




Bright colors and captivating flavors with no need for cooking or fancier packaging. Mango Almond Lychees, Pineapple Granita Cups, and more.


Pay your tributes with a twist. Persimmon Pavlovas, Cranberry Poppin’ Pies, and more.


Give cookies new life purpose: serve Chocolate Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches, Pomegranate Caviar Canapés, and more.


From Raspberry-Tangerine Bundles to Lime Cream Squares, these consummate containers hold their own. No more piles of plates with the crust left behind!


Dinner guests too demanding? Let them eat cake! Black Forest Cherry Boxes, Madeleine Peaches, and more.


Rich and buttery, few things are easier and more comforting. Try Tangerine Sharlotka, Polka-Dot Bread Pudding Squares, and more.


Show-stopping toppings in dramatic displays like Lady Apple Crisp and Cinnamon Baked Florida are sure to bowl them over.



Tastefully Small Finger Sandwiches: Easy Party Sandwiches for All Occasions

by Kim Hendrickson
Forward by Bruce Richardson
$18.95, 128 pages, 50 recipes
75 color illustrations, 13 color photos
8½ x 8½ paperback with French flaps
ISBN 1-60138-266-5

If you think finger sandwiches are just for frilly tea parties, think again. This contemporary take on a classic theme sets the stage for any occasion, from baby showers to Super Bowl parties. From tiny twists on familiar favorites like Tea-Smoked Egg Salad Diamonds to striking originals like Beef, Apple, and Watercress Spirals, over fifty flavorful fillings and sandwich styles make this handy volume an indispensable resource.

From simple knife-cut sandwiches– built to impress in ten minutes or less– to fancy layering and inlay techniques, this book’s clear, easy instructions and beautiful illustrations take the guesswork out of creative entertaining and reveal the artistic cook’s secret: what’s beautiful is not necessarily hard to make! Each mouthwatering recipe includes time-saving tips and useful variations. Dramatic yet easy garnish and plating ideas include a sandwich bouquet, condiment designs and more.

Whether you’re planning a simple luncheon, an elaborate buffet, or just dressing up drinks with the neighbors, these new sandwich combinations and presentation ideas are sure to impress all you serve.

Everybody loves a sandwich, and Hendrickson has really covered all bases, with something for every gathering, every palate, and every level. Whether it's a fancy reception or a fun afternoon in the kitchen with the kids, this book will make you the hero of the day.
Chef Jason Truckenmiller, Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, CA

A must-have for every host who wants to create beautiful toothsome bits with little fuss and lots of savvy. I'm going to make her caper and green tea bites for St. Patrick's Day!
Elizabeth Knight, author of Tea with Friends and Celtic Teas with Friends




Simple to prepare, but with delicious fillings and garnished edges, no one will notice. Smoked Turkey and Dried Fruit Pâté Squares, Cucumber and Shrimp Triangles, and more.


Put your Christmas cookie cutters to use year-round with Smoked Salmon Hearts, Confetti Spread Butterflies, and more.


Elegantly placed, it’s all about the filling. Try Mock Crab Flowers, Stilton Pear Bites, and more.


Amp up the “wow factor” with Olive Spread Pinwheels, Tomato-Eyed Pyramids, and more.


These unusual shapes are the best thing since sliced bread. Marvel at Caviar-Tipped Rolls, Peach, Scallop, and Ceviche Tulips, and more.


The perfect way to top off a sandwich assortment. Lime Curd Boxes, Jam ’n Sponge Crosses, and more.


Dish out a work of art like Stained Glass Sandwiches, Sandwich Stacks, and more.


Not by bread alone! Savor some Italian Shrimp and Beans, Lentil Duck-Filled Grapes, and more.


Make it fun; they won’t eat just one. Apple Yogurt Happy Faces, Nutty Carrot Rounds, and more.


Elegance doesn’t mean waste. Use tasty scraps for Savory Mushroom Bread Pudding, Tomato Spinach Strata, and more.



Tastefully Small Savory Bites: Easy Sophisticated Hors D'oeuvres for Every Occasion

by Kim Hendrickson
$18.95, 128 pages, 50 recipes
100 color illustrations, 15 color photos
8½ x 8½ paperback with French flaps


Everyone loves an hors d’oeuvre. Beauty, flavor, and novelty, all packed into a small bite, are what give a good “appetizer” its name. This collection of over fifty original morsels, from Wild Mushroom Rugelach to Thai Shrimp Baskets, Orange Pecan Brie Cups, and Country Pâté Truffles, gives you the know-how to dazzle even the most discerning guest. Step-by-step instructions, vibrant color photos, and lovely watercolor illustrations make the most dramatic dishes easy. Every recipe includes both bite-size and full-size versions and variations. Nearly every item can be made either all or partly in advance, giving you more time with your guests.

Whether for a cocktail party, buffet, or afternoon tea, Savory Bites isyour complete source for entertaining, including chapters on vegetable canapés, “naked canapés” (simple biscuits and crackers), and basic guidelines for a successful event. For a sure case of love at first bite, make it Tastefully Small.

Stunning and delicious... some very clever culinary tricks to curtail waste and maximize the WOW factor. Will make an unforgettable meal.

Gail Gastelu, Publisher, The Tea House Times

This is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I've ever seen. It absolutely made me want to create some of these goodies myself. Really a masterpiece.

David "Slangman" Burke, Creator, PBS series Slangman's World




Eminently appetizing, have one or more for the carnivores, from Caramelized Onion Lamb Cups to Sausage Radicchio Tacos and Pulled Pork Scones.


Blink and you’ll miss them! Mini Crab Cheesecakes, Mussels in Curried Cream, Persimmon Shrimp Bruschetta, and more.


A bird in the hand is worth two more on the plate. Try Lemon Caper Chicken Cups, Pomegranate Chicken Purses, and Waffled Ginger Duck.


Color, texture, and flavor fill out the rainbow of your hors d'oeuvre assortment. Broccoli Soufflés, Polenta-Stuffed Baby Bellas, Carrot Parsnip Latkes, Ginger Carrot Flan, and more.


Gift-wrapped treats in edible packaging. Orange Pecan Brie Cups, Tart Cherry Chicken Puffs, Peach Asiago Crêpe Cones, and more.


From Bacon Cookies to Sesame Crisps, Cornmeal Scones, and Thyme Diamond Wafers, biscuits and crackers for meals and everything in between.


Estimating quantities, event planning suggestions, mail order supplies and more.

Available February 2010



Coming in 2011

Special Occasion Cupcakes

"When do you need a fancy cupcake?"
Answer: "For a special occasion!"
This book will focus on easy to create decorations, each with a guaranteed WOW factor. Full color throughout with step by step instructions, 50+ cupcake decorating ideas plus assorted cake and frosting recipes that are sure to please.