"Whether the food prepared is big or small, I seem to prefer the beginnings and endings of meals.  The truth is, I love food, as an eating experience, as a creative medium, as the opportunity to teach, and as a source of comfort. 

This is the
Tastefully Small TM collection, the cookbooks that bring the tasting menu revolution to your kitchen....

...because sometimes smaller really IS better"

                                                     Kim Hendrickson, author Tastefully SmallTM


If you like food, then you will love Kim Hendrickson’s Tastefully Small Cookbooks!  These indispensible volumes bring the small food revolution straight to your doorstep with easy to follow instructions and mouthwatering recipes that turn any event from fun to fantastic. 

Whether you are a novice cook or a professsional chef, Tastefully Small cookbooks provide you with everything you need to impress even the most discerning foodie.  Classic hors d’oeurves, traditional tea sandwiches, and festive dessert canapés are just some of the exciting small bites you’ll find in these lavishly illustrated cookbooks, but you’ll also find something else; a commitment to excellence in food preparation that seamlessly blends Kim’s passion for creating an unforgettable event with fond memories of her childhood in a cooking experience that is as personal as it is delicious!  

The National Restaurant Association recently named small bites as one of the hot new trends in food, and for good reason. Small foods provide a wider range of taste experiences without the heaviness of a full meal, they are less expensive to shop for and easier to prepare.  The true test of bite sized food however, is providing family and friends with a unique tasting experience, so whether you need easy appetizers for a holiday potluck, or classic finger sandwiches for high tea, Tastefully Small Cookbooks has just what you are looking for.